Principles for the formulation of policy for the Electricity System

DONG Energy offshore wind farm


Quantitative Analysis of the Electricity System

Papers by Colin Gibson and Capell Aris

IESIS Fellow Colin Gibson and Dr Capell Aris have produced 4 very important papers based on the potential behaviour of the UK electridity system. They are based on modelling work carried out by the authors.

These papers were available from other sources but are now made available from this website.

The papers are:

1. Wind Power Reassessed: A review of the UK wind resource for electricity generation.

2. Solar power in Britain   The impossible dream

3. An Examination of National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios How much do the scenarios cost?

4. An Examination of National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios   Do the scenarios deliver security of supply?


See also a review of the papers titled Quantitative Assessment of the electricity system