Principles for the formulation of policy for the Electricity System

Errochty hydro power station, nuclear safety inspectors, and Cockenzie coal-fired power station


The Electricity System is defined as the combination of the generation and transmission facilities.

This website sets out principles that should underpin the development of policy for the GB Electricity System. It seeks to make statements that are based on logic and fact, avoiding opinions, as far as is practical.

The fundamental principle is that policy decisions should be based on reliable studies that seek to achieve outcomes which reduce the latent uncertainties inherent in the System to a level that is appropriate to the context.

These studies need to take embrace all the requirements for the Electicity System. The fundamental objective is that policy decsions will be based of balanced judgements that take account of all requirements.

Cost, Security of Supply and emissions reduction should be assessed as part of a Total System Analysis.

The System should have an appropriate proportion of each type of electricity generation but not more than is appropriate. The reliable studies would provide information that would be used in making decisions about such proportionality.

This website does not describe all the issues that justify the need for reliable studies.  There is however a focus on issues relating to generation of electricity from wind.  This is because (a) wind energy is the main renewable source being developed for electricity generation and (b) the degree of intermittency of wind power is such that use of a system approach in planning for it is of speciall importance.

The need for appropriate government action based on the principles set out in this document is manifest.


Recent additions

September 2014 A presentation about the effect of wind energy in the Electricity System has been prepared.

October 2014 IESIS submission to House of Lords Call for Evidence about the resilience of the Electricity Infrastructure

October 2014 A paper on Engineering the GB Electricity System has been published in the IESIS 2014 Journal

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